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Hanovia’s new PureLine UV disinfection range is specifically designed to provide chemical-free disinfection of water, syrups and brines in the food, beverage and brewing industries. The PureLine range includes standard models for virtually any food and beverage processing application, including de-ozonation, as well as a validated, performance qualified model (PQ) for the most stringent, disinfection applications.


Các dòng sản phẩm Pureline:

PureLine B

Brine disinfection: UV for meat processing facilities

UV disinfection systems from Hanovia eliminate water-borne pathogens that put food producers at high risk of costly and damaging product recalls. We have systems installed in many meat processing facilities, connected to brine chillers and also systems treating waste water at chicken processing plants.



PureLine D

PureLine general disinfection systems for all food and beverage applications

Hanovia has led the way in pre-treatment disinfection and treating direct contact fluids and ingredients, CIP and bottle rinse, liquid sweeteners, meat brine, tank headspace, venting, packaging and surfaces.



PureLine DO

De-ozonation system: UV systems for Ozone destruction for the food and beverage industry

There are many applications for UV disinfection and de-ozonation systems in the food and beverage industries, including: treatment of incoming water and CIP (Clean-in-Place) rinse water; dechlorination; disinfecting cooling media, sugar syrups, liquid sugars and de-aerated liquor; and brine disinfection in the meat packaging industry.



PureLine PQ

Designed specifically to provide validated, performance qualified and chemical-free UV treatment of water in the food and beverage industries, Hanovia’s new PureLine PQ UV system takes disinfection to another level.



PureLine S

Sugar Syrup disinfection: UV for sugar syrup based products

Sugar syrups can be a prime breeding ground for microorganisms. Although syrups with very high sugar content do not support microbial growth, any dormant spores may become active after the syrup has been diluted. Treating the syrup and dilution water with UV prior to use will ensure any dormant microorganisms are deactivated.

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