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PharmaLine DC

Dechlorination system: UV systems for chlorine destruction in Pharmaceutical process water

Pharmaceutical and healthcare products require production facilities of the utmost quality. Water used for product, and for CIP must be free of pathogens, and chemicals such as chlorine and ozone.



PharmaLine DL

General Disinfection System: Loop process water

High efficiency and low energy UV systems for general disinfection of Pharmaceutical distribution loop process water.


PharmaLine DO

De-ozonation system: UV systems for Ozone destruction in Pharmaceutical process water

Ozone is used in many water treatment applications from swimming pools to Ultrapure Water for pharmaceutical or microelectronics production. Whilst being and effective disinfectant, ozone has characteristics which can lead to problems:

- Ozone itself is highly toxic and dangerous to handle

- Ozone can react with chemical species in the water to form carcinogenic chemicals


PharmaLine DP

General Disinfection System: Pre-treatment process

High efficiency and low energy UV systems for general disinfection of Pharmaceutical and pre-treatment process.


PharmaLine DT

Total Organic Carbons (TOC) Reduction system: UV systems for TOC reduction in Pharmaceutical process water

Ultrapure waters required for use in pharmaceutical and health care markets require very low levels of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), which can have a damaging effect in the end products.


The next level of Pharma disinfection – guaranteed by Hanovia

PharmaLine PQ – disinfection has evolved, and we can prove it

Designed by Hanovia – world leaders in UV technology – using the most advanced CFD computing. Tested to the limit. Validated and Performance Qualified – it’s no wonder PharmaLine PQ is guaranteed to give you the ultimate process security.

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