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PHC550 Case Palletizer

Super High-Speed Case Palletizing

The PHC550 Case Palletizer is Okura's fastest case palletizer at 100 cases/min. The infeed section is capable of handling up to 3 seperate infeed lines. Simultaneous palletizing of 2 pallets can be achieved by the PHC550.



 Palletizing Method

Layer by Layer


 Product Size

484 mm L x 273 mm W x 97-170 mm H



100 Cases/Min


 Full Pallet Height

1500 mm MAX (including pallet height)


 Full Pallet Weight

800 kg (including pallet weight)


 Pallet Dimensions

1100 mm L x 900 mm W x 140 mm H


 Pneumatic Consumption

400 Nl/min






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