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668 Bag palletizer -Fastest Bag Palletizing

Fastest Bag Palletizing

The 668 Bag Palletizer is Okura's fastest bag palletizer at a maximum capacity of 2000 bags/hour. A SCARA-type robot supplies the bags gently & securely into the palletizing section. The usage of the robot also allows for flexibility in handling various types & sizes of bags.





 Palletizing Method

Layer by Layer



MAX 2000 bags/hour


 Stacking Height

1700 mm (including pallet height of 145 mm)


 Full Pallet Weight

1300 kg (including pallet weight of 50 kg)


 Pallet Dimensions

1400 mm L x 1100 mm W x 145 mm H


 Pneumatic Consumption

1100 l/min (ANR)


 Power Consumption

19 kVA

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