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Miniperfe Vertical Conveyance

High Speed Vertical Conveyance

The Miniperfe is optimal for the vertical conveyance of lightweight items. Its speed of up to 4,500 items/hour is the fastest in the industry. The Miniperfe has great flexibility for the type of products that can be securely carried on its flat carrying slat.  





Flow Direction


For entrance & exit of goods in opposite directions





Product Dimensions

MIN 100 mm W x 100 mm L x 20 mm H
MAX 300 mm W x 300 mm L x 150 mm H




 Product Types

Cases & Bags




 Conveyance Direction

Upwards & Downwards




 Conveyance Speed

36 m/min





4500 items/hour





AC200V (Triple-Phase)




 Belt Width

190 - 290 mm




 Machine Length

800 mm



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