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A400 Robot Palletizer - High Cost-Performance

A400 Robot Palletizer

High Cost-Performance

The new Okura A400 robot palletizer is a low cost & high performance model designed for maximum ROI. Okura's engineering concepts for all robot palletizers are utilised in its design. This model is optimal for plants with low output capacity.





 Load Capacity

100 kg (including end effector weight)


 Degree of Operation Range

4 axes (R, D, O, T axes)
R axis 330º  D axis 1982mm
O axis 1750mm  T axis 440º


 Handling Rate

400 cycles/hour MAX

*Above is maximum capacity when a single gripping end effector is used. Stacking capacity varies depending on layout, multiple gripping & other conditions.



Repeated stop position accuracy of ± 5mm


 Robot Weight

1160 kg (without end effector)


 Pneumatic Consumption

180 l/min (ANR)

*When a pallet dispenser is included, pneumatic consumption is 300 l/min (ANR)



AC200V (Triple-phase) ± 5%
2.5kVA + Peripheral Conveyors


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