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A1600 III Robot Palletizer - High-Speed Palletizing of Multiple Product Types

High-Speed Palletizing of Multiple  Product Types

The Okura A1600III robot palletizer is designed for reliable usage in a wide range of applications.






 Motion System

Multi-Aticulated, Polar Coordinate System


 Load Capacity

140 kg (including end effector weight)


 Degree of Operation Range

4 axes (R, D, O, T axes)
R axis 360º  D axis 2300mm
O axis 1518mm  T axis 440º


 Handling Rate

Case - 1,100 cases/hour MAX
Bag - 1,600 bags/hour MAX

*Above is maximum capacity when a single gripping end effector is used. Stacking capacity varies depending on layout, multiple gripping & other conditions.



Repeated stop position accuracy of ± 1mm


 Robot Weight

1160 kg (without end effector)


 Pneumatic Consumption

180 l/min (ANR)

*When a pallet dispenser is included, pneumatic consumption is 300 l/min (ANR)


 Ambient Temperature

0 - 40ºC


 Relative Humidity

35 - 85%



AC200V (Triple-phase) ± 5% , 6.5kVA


 Standard Colour

Nittoko S11-344

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