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XORELLA- Vacuum conditioning and Heat setting machine

Established in Switzerland 1967, XORELLA is specialized in the design and manufacturing of steam setting and conditioning equipment for yarns and fabrics. Still today Swiss engineering is the solid foundation to achieve “first choice” status in the field of vacuum steam treatment. XORELLA delivers excellent service, quality products and continuous innovations, setting standards in a demanding market. The latest technology combines sustainable ecology through lowest energy and water consumption, with the unique indirect finishing treatment to meet lowest process cost and highest quality requirements.

We - STD&S are the XORELLA agent for Viet Nam from April 2015.

1. Xorella Smart:

2. Xorella Select:

  • Used by leading spinning mills all over the world
  • Over 1.000 machines in more than 50 countries
  • Homogenous moisture distribution and twist relaxation throughout the packages
  • Improving yarn quality and performance in weaving and knitting
  • Low energy consumption
  • More information: www.xorella.com