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1. Camtronic fastener

These stainless steel, corrosion resistant screws are designed to resist galling and seizing which occur when fastening stainless steel engagement materials.

Galling and seizing on the assembly line can result in product contamination, scrap and rework. Camtronic® fasteners are manufactured from a special material which helps to overcome galling. This is particularly important in the manufacture of computer hard drives and other products susceptible to damage due to contamination.


Manufactured from high strength, gall-resistant Camtronic® material.

Corrosion resistance equal to 302 stainless steel.

- Can be used with Microtech® finish to meet Class 100 Clean Room standards.

Available in a variety of screw styles.


Overcomes the tendency of galling when fastening stainless steel or aluminium.

- Reduces contamination and rework to improve productivity and lower cost.

When used with TORX PLUS® Drive System, fasteners are less susceptible to recess damage during assembly, as compared to other drive systems.

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