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Univerte - Simple & Economic Sorting

Simple & Economic Sorting

The Univerter utilizes skewed roller conveyors to accurately divert various types of cargo to their destinations. This system has a simple structure, with low part count for outstanding cost performance. Layout flexibility is another important feature of this system, as the conveyors allow for straight, curved & loop arrangements.



 Sorting System

Skewed Roller System


 Sorting Capacity

MAX 2,100 cases/hour



MAX 90 m/min


 Sorting Direction

Single & Double Sided



MAX 120 m


 Roller Diameter

Ø48.6 x t1.6


 Roller Pitch

75 mm


 Roller Width

490 - 990 mm


 Roller Fix

One-Touch (Built-In Spring)


 Drive Transmission

#50 Chain & Urethane Pad Driver


 Chain Tension

Spring Automation


 Chain Lubrication



 Cargo Dimensions

50-990 mm W x 200-1300 mm L x Min 40 mm H


 Cargo Weight

70 kg/m



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