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Unisorter FS II type

Space-Efficient Sorting Capability

The FS II Type Unisorter is designed for lower speed & capability sorting requirements. A slat surface is utilised to ensure smooth & reliable sorting of even small items.



 Sorting System

Slide Shoe


 Sorting Capacity

7,200 - 10,000 cases/hour

* Sorting capacity varies depending on conditions like: cargo length, gap between articles, conveyor speed, etc.



MAX 90 m/min


 Frame Width

Induction Conveyor Effective Width


 Number of Sorting Compartments

MAX 30


 Sorting Direction

Single Sided


 Conveyor Surface

Slat System



Carton Case, Bottles, Bags, Rolls


 Cargo Dimensions

25-990 mm W x 200-1800 mm L x Min 30 mm H


 Cargo Weight

0.5 - 45 kg/piece

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