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PHC80S Case Palletizer

PHC80S Case Palletizer

High-Speed & Low-Impact Case Palletizing

The PHC80S Case Palletizer utilizes Okura's advanced conveyor technology to produce a shock-less palletizing sequence. Cases are rotated to the correct angle by rollers with differentiating speeds, and diverted to their accurate positions via guiding belts.





 Palletizing Method

Layer by Layer


 Product Size

180-285 mm W x 270-430 mm L



80 Cases/Min


 Full Pallet Height

1820 mm MAX (including pallet height)


 Full Pallet Weight

1350 kg (including pallet weight)


 Pallet Dimensions

900-940 mm W x 1100-1540 mm L x 130-145 mm H
1100 mm W x 1100 mm L x 130-145 mm H


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